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I have no foxes for sale. This site is being left up for informative purposes only.  I am no longer breeding due to the amount of neglect cases I've come across during the years I've been dealing with exotic pets. I am now focusing exclusively on rescue and education. I still feel people should be allowed to have exotic pets but we must all work to make sure everyone is aware of what they are getting into before deciding to commit to getting a pet of any kind. I am leaving this site up for now because I hope it can help educate some people curious about pet foxes. I am starting on a new website that I will be posting a link to as soon as I can. I am happy to answer questions about animal care but I am unable to put you in touch with breeders at this time. One of my favorite resources for that is Sybil's Den.

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Welcome to the website of Mystic Garden Exotics. We are breeders of quality dogs and exotic animals and bugs. We also place other pets needing new homes. Our website is a feature we made to assist our customers, potential customers, as well as other pet owners with our available animals, care information, forums, photos, and so much more! Please explore all that our site has to offer and be sure to join our new exotic animal forum. :)   

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