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I am no longer breeding. This site is being left up for information only.

Welcome to our fox page. Our foxes have been captive bred for many generations. We currently raise red foxes and hope to add more species of fox in the future. Our foxes are hand raised and bottle fed from ten days of age so they are bonded with people and are more affectionate.

Please be sure to check out our caresheets page for the proper care of foxes in captivity.


Listen to our arctic foxes calling:

Red Foxes

our breeding male natural red fox, Rusty.

Red foxes are the most well-known and diverse fox species on the planet. Red foxes can be nearly any color including their typical red or orange color to black, white, brown, gray, and sometimes have markings similar to dogs. Some captive-bred foxes can even have curly tails and floppy ears! Our breeding pair consists of a male natural red fox and a female pearl silver marble (white with silver markings on the face and body, commonly mistaken for an arctic fox). The pearl gene causes lighter hairs throughout the coat giving the appearance of beautiful pearlized fur. Reds weigh an average of 10-15 pounds with females being slightly smaller than males.They are one of the fiestiest and most playful of all fox species commonly kept in the US.

*Our reds came from a breeder in Oklahoma.Their history has been traced back to a minimum of 27 generations of captive breeding in the pet trade.

Arctic Foxes

     Inari, female pale morph arctic fox,       4 years old.

Please note: We are no longer breeding arctic foxes, this is being left up for educational purposes.

Arctic foxes (aka polar, snow, or white fox) are amazing. In winter, they have the thickest, densest fur of any animal on earth. In the late spring they shed this coat for a shorter one of a completely different color, giving the appearance of two foxes in one! Pale morph arctics are a gorgeous snow white in their winter coat and various shades of browns and tans in summer, while blue morphs are a light gray or white in the winter, and bluish-gray or black in the summer. Blue morphs often get darker as they age. Arctic foxes weigh an average of 10 pounds with the females being smaller than males. They are less vocal than many fox species, but do grunt and communicate vocally at times. Unaltered foxes will call in the spring. 

Many breeders sell "marble arctic" foxes. Those are not true arctics, they are simply a color phase of red. True arctics are stocky with short ears, muzzle, and legs and change colors with the seasons.

Putting your fox to work for you

Aside from being a unique and fascinating companion, did you know that you can also use fox fur to sell and create projects without harming the animal? Shedded fox fur can be collected and spun into yarn which can be used to create cruelty-free fur coats, gloves, hats, pillows, and so much more. Trimmed fox fur is also used in handmade lures for fly fishing!

Our breeding pair of red foxes Rusty (male, natural red) and Misty (female, pearl marble).

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