Mystic Garden Exotics

Critter Care Sheets

The following links contain care sheets for the exotic animals we raise and breed specific tips for our dogs. If you have any questions not covered by our care sheets, please do not hesitate to e-mail us. You can also check our forum to discuss your questions with other pet owners.


Using Quick Facts

On each of our care pages we have a section called Quick Facts. This was created to help you get an instant overveiw on the type of pet each animal or bug usually makes. Please keep in mind that each individual animal or bug has its own personalitiy, just like people. Our rankings are based on averages noticed by ourselves and other breeders. So, please keep in mind that these are just general guidelines and individuals may seem to have more or less of a particular trait than what it listed on our pages. :)

Listing ratings (based upon exotic pets)

  • Affection - none, minimal, average, very
  • Difficulty of care - easy, average, difficult
  • Cost of care - minimal, moderate, high
  • Smell - none; rankings 1-5
  • Note: I am not a vet. These care sheets are based upon my experiences as a pet owner and breeder, as well as experiences from other owners/breeders. It is not meant to be a substitute for vet care. If you wish to print any of our caresheets for your own personal use you are welcome to do so. You may not take credit for the information, nor sell, distribute, or repost online under any circumstances. If you wish to print the sheets without images, copy and paste the text into a program such as WordPad on your computer and then print. Please keep the copyright information on the bottom of the page. Thank you and enjoy. :)


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