Mystic Garden Exotics

 Who we are.

 *** I am no longer breeding and am only rescuing. I do not currently have a nonprofit status due to the expense of obtaining it but hope to in the future

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Mystic Garden Exotics was started in 2008 out of our love for animals. Animals have been part of our lives our whole lives and by starting our pet haven we hope to pass on the joy that is felt by sharing your life with animals. I have dreamt of being able to share my home with a pet fox since I was old enough to know what a fox was. In December 2008, that dream finally became reality with our arctics, Christmas and Inari. We breed them, along with some of our favorite animals -rats, dogs, and some of the more interesting ones we've come across -madagascar hissing cockroaches. We are always on the lookout for more unusual and wonderful pets to add to our family.


Layla with Teeda the fennec fox from Markley's Wild Adventures in Ohio.

What we do.

   Michael with Odie the dacshund.

We treat each of our animal breeders the same as our personal pets. Our pets are our family and are spoiled rotten. :) Breeders and new babies are given daily affection. Babies are exposed to a wide variety of experiences while they're still here to get them started down the right path towards being confident, healthy, friendly adults. Dogs and foxes are started on grooming including teeth brushing and are exposed to small and large dogs, small animals, and children (our nieces and nephews) to help ease the transition into whatever household situation you live in. Dogs have beginning training in outdoor housebreaking using a doggy door and foxes have beginning training with litter boxes. Rats also receive daily handling as well as socialization with children and guests. 

How we give back.

  We try to give back to the community and environment as much as possible. We take in and rehome pets that cannot stay in their current homes for whatever reason. Care is taken to ensure animals we bring in seeking new home are healthy as to not pass disease or illness to our pets or animals sold to the public. Much of our building materials are reclaimed from usable material and old fencing in an effort to both reduce the material that ends up in landfills and to help keep our prices low for our customers. Please note that the safety and well-being of our animals is our priority and no contagious pets or unsafe material will ever be allowed on our property.



  My niece Farrah with Jack the italian greyhound.